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How to access console errors in your browser

Often when you are experiencing errors with Asset TV sites or players, which we're unable to replicate, we'll need additional information to properly diagnose the problem. The additional information comes from the 'Console' tab of a browsers developer tools where it lists any issues loading the webpage.

Below are instructions on accessing the 'Console' information from different browsers. Once accessed information should be copied and pasted and returned to us for review:

Microsoft Edge

When on the webpage open Developer tools (press F12 or select via the three dots menu).

This will open a window most likely showing the page's HTML code. Along the top will be a black menu bar and one of those options will be 'Console'. Select this and refresh the page.


Firefox works in a similar way to the above instructions, although going via the menu is a bit more straightforward. If you press F12 a box will appear as in Edge, and a tab along the top will be called Console. If you go via the 'burger' menu (three stacked lines towards the top right of the browser window) you can select the 'Developer' icon, then 'Console' to go directly to the console tab. When the console tab is open refresh the page.

Google Chrome

Select the Chrome Menu at the top-right of the browser and select Tools > Developer Tools. Once the developer tools has opened, select the console tab towards the top of the panel. Once opened refresh the page to see any console errors.


Open Safari > Preferences, and click on the Advanced Tab. At the bottom of the pane, check the box next to “Show Develop Menu in menu bar”: The Develop menu will appear and you'll be able to access the Show Error Console menu item.


Press CTRL + SHIFT + I to open 'Dragonfly' developer tools. Click on the console tab. Once opened refresh the page to see any console errors.

Mobile Devices

It is currently not possible to get error messages from mobile devices.

Once they have the console open they can then copy and paste any errors/messages that appear back to us.